St. Maarten, Plant a Million Coral Campaign

Our coral reefs are vital to the health and preservation of our oceans, land and human life, as well as a critical economic force in the world economy. Unfortunately reefs around the world have begun to decline at an alarmingly rapid rate, with the World Wildlife Fund estimating around 25% of the world’s corals already lost, and 70% under serious threat.

In collaboration with Sea Legacy and Reef Life we are committed to testing the viability of IntelliReef farmed coral systems in the application of eco-tourism projects developed by Sea to Sky Ventures, as a partner in the “Plant a Million Corals Campaign.”

This restoration project is important not only to the ecosystem but will also help draw international attention to the island and benefit St. Maarten’s economic future.

“Shortly after we first broke ground on the Pelican Peak zipline hurricane Irma hit. The island was devastated by the highest winds ever recorded in history. Almost every part of the  island was affected by the storm, even the local corals. The island’s economy that relies heavily on tourism was brought to a stand still.”

Intelli-Reef Technology: Restoring 100 Year Coral in Just 2 Years

IntelliReefs are marine biodiversity habitats made with Oceanite. They can grow medicines or minerals, create restorative micro climates, or attract reef predators away from healthy reefs. The IntelliReef smart substrates assemble like architectural ‘LEGO’ units. Each unit can be outfitted with a combination of growth formulations, custom surface topography, and other species-specific features such as farmed coral attachment holes or spawning beds. IntelliReefs foster the growth and development of reeflings, coral offspring who are able to survive extreme weather, increased sedimentation levels, and changes in water chemistry.

Dr. David E. Vaughan
Dr. David Vaughan is the President and Founder of the Plant A Million Corals initiative and a marine scientist responsible for developing the “micro-fragmentation” technology and implementation of coral “refusion” techniques.

He has grown and outplanted over 40,000 corals, has 40,000 ready to go and over 100,000 in process for 2019. The depth of coral regeneration experience cannot be overstated as solutions require the finest scientific minds in collaboration with advanced materials and manufacturing.